I have fan art!

From artist Carlo Adrian Abelo. Carlo is an art student in the
Philippines and just read the SatWW novels.


I love that they’re movie posters. Not that I think that will ever happen, but hey… its April! Hope springs eternal and all that.

Thank you, Carlo. I’m thrilled and honored and they’re lovely. 🙂

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Kirby Crow worked as an entertainment editor and ghostwriter for several years before happily giving it up to bake brownies, read yaoi, play video games, and write her own novels. Whenever she isn't slaying Orcs or flying a battleship for the glory of the Amarr Empire, she can be found in the kitchen, her vegetable garden, or busy writing her next book. Kirby is a winner of the EPIC Award (Best Horror Novel) and the Rainbow Award (Best LGBT Novel). She is the author of the bestselling "Scarlet and the White Wolf" series of fantasy novels.
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