Author-Type Swag (DIY)

Previously posted to my LJ, but I’m trying to get back into the swing of posting at my blog here after the Big Health Scare, so here ya go.

So, we all know what a QR Code generator is. If you have a business card or any print publicity materials, you should have your QR code somewhere on it, and it would be totally awesome if I could convince publishers to start adding them to my print books from now on. While they’re really cool and recognizable just the way they are, it’s even MORE COOL if you have a custom QRC.

Hackaday tells you how to put one together using Photoshop and the QR generator, but the how-to is really long and – IMHO- unnecessary. I just got my code, read through the Hackaday guide to quickly find out where the “don’t touch” boundaries are on the image, and then just pasted a few images inside the “okay” zone.

Here’s the result.

If you have a smartphone with a QR reader app like RedLaser, just put it up to the screen there and let it read the code. Yep. The little crow takes you right to my website.

Now isn’t that neat? 🙂

PS: re Big Health Scare has been given the negative by specialists (the problematic and in-a-weird-place lump in my throat has been diagnosed as a benign cyst), so I can stop going to doctors for the time being and head back to writing. Thanks for being patient with  me.

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Kirby Crow worked as an entertainment editor and ghostwriter for several years before happily giving it up to bake brownies, read yaoi, play video games, and write her own novels. Whenever she isn't slaying Orcs or flying a battleship for the glory of the Amarr Empire, she can be found in the kitchen, her vegetable garden, or busy writing her next book. Kirby is a winner of the EPIC Award (Best Horror Novel) and the Rainbow Award (Best LGBT Novel). She is the author of the bestselling "Scarlet and the White Wolf" series of fantasy novels.
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One Response to Author-Type Swag (DIY)

  1. FoxRafer says:

    I think I said this on LJ but those QR things are mega cool. And I’m so glad that everything worked out with your throat.