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The Temple Road

Even I have to say, hot damn. 🙂 Scarlet is a lucky, lucky boy. The cover artist is Arianne Elliot, who created the beautiful Scarlet & Liall fanart last year! I was so impressed with her work. Hope you all … Continue reading

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My lil’ hater is working overtime

Well, I last posted here in August. My Lj is pretty active, along with recent addiction fo Twitter, but whenever I’m less than diligent about posting and more than a week or two passes, my lil hater starts talking to … Continue reading

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Scarlet and the White Wolf: Book 4

  I actually do have a title for this novel (beyond #4), I’m just saving it to announce it with the cover art. I’ve just passed 70k words, and writing the rather big ending of this novel has slowed down … Continue reading

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I have fan art!

From artist Carlo Adrian Abelo. Carlo is an art student in the Philippines and just read the SatWW novels. Voila! I love that they’re movie posters. Not that I think that will ever happen, but hey… its April! Hope springs … Continue reading

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