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WINDWARD mood board. 🙂                                               Windward –    

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Jaeger loomed over him, the storm at his back. “I’m not sorry. I won’t apologize. You’re here with me, and that’s all that will ever matter to me.” He stroked Matty’s cheek. “You are not my prisoner. You are not … Continue reading

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The Temple Road

Even I have to say, hot damn. 🙂 Scarlet is a lucky, lucky boy. The cover artist is Arianne Elliot, who created the beautiful Scarlet & Liall fanart last year! I was so impressed with her work. Hope you all … Continue reading

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(Giveaway) Here Come the Pirates…

And the wardens, the azures, the guardiers, the crossbones, and the old bastardo himself, Kon Sessane.  WOOT I’M SO EXCITED YOU GUYS  Malachite went on sale at today! Apple iTunes, Barnes & Noble, and Nook will begin carrying it … Continue reading

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I’ve got a new novella for sale, blog tour coming up

Circuit Theory, co-written with Reya Starck. Dante and Byron are avatars. Driven by human beings, yet still only digital representations of their ideal selves. In reality, they live far apart, but share most of their waking and working hours together … Continue reading

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I really need to stop ignoring my WordPress option here. Since I installed ScribeFire it’s now easier than ever to update WordPress pages, and it’s all done neatly from the Firefox browser with very few hangs and snags, so what’s … Continue reading

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