Art. Arty. Artiste? Nah!

I had some large canvases taking up space in my art cabinet, so I thought I’d give my paints a try again. (and how many of you just read “pants”?) I would love to work with oils but the smell has always put me off so badly, plus the cleanup and that horrible “wait til it’s dry” thing. Heh. I’m so impatient when it comes to that. It’s the internet-age Me expressing her displeasure and I want it all now. I think that’s why I like Photoshop and Painter so much: instant gratification Anyway, I’m so rusty with the old-fashioned hand & brush thing that I chose a simple theme to begin with, and focusing on a creature near and dear to my heart.


Crow Painting


By the way, if you’d like to see some cover art I’ve done, drop by Jourdan Lane’s page on Amazon and take a look at the cover of Clarity. Yeah, I know: again with the black paint! I’ve done other covers for Jourdan (colorful ones! honest!) and they’ll be available by and by.   

I greatly enjoyed Jourdan’s Soul Mates: Bound by Blood novel and you might, too. Check it out!

More writing on the end of Scarlet and the White Wolf #4 today (title to be announced soon). Have a great Sunday!


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Diēs Caniculārēs


More commonly known as the Dogs Days of summer, associated with the star Sirius, believed to be an evil time of year when “the seas boiled, wine turned sour, Quinto raged in anger, dogs grew mad, and all creatures became languid, causing to man burning fevers, hysterics, and phrensies”. 

I had to look up phrensies, but I’m not arguing with the description. Plainly speaking, this summer sucked. It was hot. Then it was hot. Then it was hot some more. It was unreasonably hot (like “OMG Come ON!!!!” hot) and those aforementioned Dog Days arrived in June rather than July. And that dog, he stayed. He stayed like he could smell bacon in the house, sniffing around the porch, making my AC conk out, melting things in the attic, driving the wasps and yellow jackets crazy. 

For those of you who think stinging insects don’t go mad from heat and start chasing you and diving for your face, well. they do. Usually you can just leave a wasp alone and it will leave you alone, but at 105F, a wasp is likely to do anything, including becoming really aggressive just because you dared to walk by. It’s the vespidae form of road rage.

But Dog Days do have a couple of redeeming qualities. The light begins to slant again in August, painting your window shades with the same bokeh, dappled-leaf effect that occurs in early spring. The days finally become noticeably shorter, and you might even start to notice that the nights cool off faster when the sun sets, and the mornings are cool just a little longer. On the bad side, I didn’t see any fireflies last night.

Enough about the weather. I’m looking at overhauling my website today, and perusing the css file and wondering what I can do to change the look without putting too much work into it. I do want to make the site a little more interactive, but I don’t want it to be a time-suck either. I won’t be hanging out here all day talking about writing. I kind of need that time to actually be, um, writing.

I’m going to be digging up the old photo/poem posts I started making on this blog last year and reposting them soon. Sorry to spam you all with things you’ve already seen, but when WordPress ate my archive last year, I lost all of those posts, and I kind of miss them. I’d like to have them here. I’ll be making new ones, too, as time allows. 




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Scarlet and the White Wolf: Book 4


I actually do have a title for this novel (beyond #4), I’m just saving it to announce it with the cover art.

I’ve just passed 70k words, and writing the rather big ending of this novel has slowed down a bit. That’s because – contrary to all conventional wisdom – I’m reading back and editing previous chapters while writing. I would definitely be thwapped with a wet fish and called an amateur for this if it ever got out, but I know you won’t tell anyone. XD

This is how inspiration works sometimes. You have an idea and it seems like a solid one, then you actually start to execute that idea and realize there was an even bigger, better idea hiding behind that one. What else can you do but go with it?

I have a handful of chocolate-covered espresso beans and a coca-cola swimming with ice-crystals keep me company while writing. There’s hummus, pita, and feta cheese planned for later, which qualifies for summer food in that it is not hot and I don’t have to cook it.


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Welcome to Missing Mile

Not the longest continuously running roleplay sim in Second Life, but one of the longest, I think. It’s been open since I started playing SL anyway, back in ’07. An eclectic blend of horror, urban, rural, fantasy, grunge and a lot of In Between, with elements of Lost Souls, Fight Club, Drawing Blood and even a little Batman (Arkady Asylum just opened in the sim).

Virtual Tour

It’s a fabulously grungy and not-too-dark sim (combat is prohibited outside of roleplay), and MM (haaaa) has always been one of my favorite “comfort spots” in SL. Drop by there if you’re inworld one day.

Now off to cook chili and plant tomato bushes. Have a good weekend!

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Draco and Mads Mikkelsen in Second Life

Some people collect stamps for a hobby. I’m a writer by day, but 3D modeling and digital artist by night (or noon or whenever I’m bored). What I’m about to show you here was originally supposed to be more about modding than modeling, since all I was PLANNING to create personally, from scratch, all-by-myself, was the shape, but things… did not turn out that way. Anyway, rest assured that I’ve created everything from scripted apple pies to flying spaceships in 3d. Once you get started, it’s an addiction.

Same with modding. Modding is all about artists who can’t resist the urge to fiddle with stuff, either to make it better (for them), to expand on the idea, or to import that idea into a different platform. I’ve been watching “Clash of the Titans” obsessively on HBO (and in particular Mads Mikkelsen’s character of Draco), and I thought it might be cool to have my own Draco avatar on the Hypergrid. I’m not swearing that this avatar will be importable across all my grids, since I began with the champagne/Cadillac of avatar mods (Second Life), but I should be able to drag Draco with me most…Read more.

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I have fan art!

From artist Carlo Adrian Abelo. Carlo is an art student in the
Philippines and just read the SatWW novels.


I love that they’re movie posters. Not that I think that will ever happen, but hey… its April! Hope springs eternal and all that.

Thank you, Carlo. I’m thrilled and honored and they’re lovely. 🙂

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I really need to stop ignoring my WordPress option here. Since I installed ScribeFire it’s now easier than ever to update WordPress pages, and it’s all done neatly from the Firefox browser with very few hangs and snags, so what’s the hold-up? I guess because it’s harder to reply on WordPress. I have to be notified that there is a comment, then I have to login and stuff. In short, it’s easy to post, not that easy to interact, especially since no one really spends time hanging out at their own blog waiting for comments. At least I don’t.

Writing continues apace on Book 4, which will take place entirely in the kingdom of Rshan na Ostre. Many readers wanted to know more about the history of Rshan, some of the mysteries surrounding Scarlet and Liall, and what Melev really wanted with a real, live Hilurin back in that temple. I’m going to attempt to answer those questions in Book 4. I’m at the halfway point in the novel, right where I can’t resist the urge to switch scenes around. This goes here… no this will be better there…no….

I’m considering buying the RIFT game this week. Reviews are good and there’s a roleplay shard that’s getting some good buzz. Not really sure I’m up to learning a new worldverse just to rp,  though. It’s the same reason I never got around to using Scrivener to plot this book: I don’t have time to learn a new program while I’m in the middle of something else. The creativity coin is something that gets spent quickly from my wallet. If it’s brain-work, it doesn’t seem to care if I’m making a blog post or chatting online or writing a story; it’s all the same category of expense and gets processed that way.

So I guess I better get to writing before I’m out of pocket, eh? 🙂

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Code Monkey Say What?

So the next time you’re on a Bluetooth headset and you’re standing in a fast-food queue chatting to a friend, please be aware that there are people around you who (1) may not realize you’re on a headset, and (2)… well I’ll get to that. I know that hands-free sets have been around for years, but a hefty percentage of onlookers still fancy that you’re talking to yourself for the first few seconds. Trust me, they do.

(2) Even if they do savvy that you’re hands-free chatting from the start, people around you may not have the same cognitive response your friend has when you use certain words. Like “horse”. I called my friend up and asked her how her horses were doing. Simple enough. Except they were all sick. “Oh no!” says I. “What can you do?”

*silence for a few seconds*

Me: “Can you change their programming? No. They’re not modifiable. Okay, well are they transferable? You know, it would be so much simpler if you could get into their coding and futz with the timers. Then you could take a vacation and come back and not have them all be dead.”

I notice the man behind me is outright STARING at me, because now I’m not only talking to myself, I’m contemplating how I can achieve world domination using the robo-horses of deth.

Code Monkey conversations are best kept to text, or at least only in the vicinity of other geeks. It’s a good thing we weren’t talking about detachable penises.

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Please stand by…

…while I get this new blog working. My old domain and WordPress hosting were no longer working properly (as in at all), and the customer support sucked, so here I am with a spiffy new re-branded journal. I hope the old rss feeds are working, but I can’t know for sure, so I’d appreciate comments by any who can read this. Thanks! 🙂

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